The purpose of this Policy is to determine the principles for the processing, protection, sharing, destruction of personal data and enlightenment of persons carried out by Tunaset Customs Consultancy and Global Logistics Limited Company (Tunaset).


This procedure has been prepared within the scope of ISO 27001/2013 Standard.

This procedure was prepared by the Quality System Manager and approved by the General Manager.

This procedure can be applied in all subsidiaries of Tunaset, such as offices, warehouses, etc., in line with the decisions to be taken by the Senior Management.

General Manager, Customs Consultants, Customer Representatives, Accounting, Finance and Human Resources Officers, BGÇG, IT Officer, GOS's and Quality System Manager are responsible for the implementation of this procedure.

This policy covers our employees, employee candidates, interns, company shareholders and partners, visitors and all third parties whose data we process.

Legal entities and information about legal entities are not covered by this policy.

Tunaset attaches importance to the implementation of this policy in order to protect and safely use the "personal data" of persons and parties with whom it has a business relationship. processes data.

Data Processing Officers are obliged to inform the persons whose personal data they process on the matters determined by law.



Personal Data is collected and processed under the following conditions in accordance with the Constitution, Code of Obligations, KVKK and relevant legislation. During processing and storage, legal concepts, confidentiality, honesty and use for legitimate purposes are never compromised from the basic ethical principles.

Personal data is collected and processed for the following purposes;

In order for Tunaset to perform its services and commercial activities,

In order to fulfill tax and similar obligations,

In order to fulfill national and international legal obligations,

In order to fulfill the requirements of national and international standards,

In order to meet the requirements of Tunaset policies and procedures,

With the aim of making strategic business plans and business analysis,

To comply with specific laws such as money laundering, terrorism and financing.

Personal data is collected and processed by the following methods;

Resumes sent by the person by hand, e-mail, etc. methods,

Job Application Form filled by the person during job application,

Electronic job applications made by the person through the Tunaset Career section,

Interviews made in electronic environment or face to face after these applications,

Entry records and/or camera recordings made to Tunaset campuses,

Tracking system records applied for company vehicles,

Customer feedback within the scope of Quality Standards or other practices,

Notifications via our website or social media accounts.


Personal data collected in Tunaset in accordance with the law and basic ethical principles are transferred to the following persons, institutions and organizations within the scope of the conditions and purposes specified in the Law No. 6698.

To the relevant institutions and organizations in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, the Code of Obligations, the Social Security Institution legislation, the Tax Procedure Law, the laws related to terrorism and money laundering,

To our employees when necessary,

To our company partners,

To our Suppliers, where necessary and limited,

To our Customers, where necessary and limited,

Real and legal persons with whom we receive limited services and cooperate.

Personal data obtained during job applications can be verified with the consent of the data subjects from the institutions or persons they reference.

In accordance with the log.law numbered 5651, data can be transferred to company officials or official institutions.


Personal data is scanned by Human Resources and stored in the network system. (Encryption is essential due to information security management conditions)

Personal data are stored in "Personnel Personal Files" and in locked cabinets.

Tunaset is obliged to take technical and administrative measures to ensure that only authorized persons can access personal data.

Personal data is processed into the "Personal Data Processing Inventory", and the data of both employees and those leaving are tracked in this system.

Health, blood type, sexual life, race, ethnicity, political and philosophical thoughts, religion, sect or other beliefs, etc., which we define as "Special Quality Personal Data", are not collected as much as possible, this type and especially for health information. only the preliminary report pages are taken to the personnel system, other film, report, etc. information is returned to the person.

Health information about couriers and drivers (eye control, psychosomatic tests, etc.) is stored and monitored in detail as required by law.

The storage periods of personal data are applied in accordance with the law numbered 30224.

3.4. DATA


Data owners have the right to learn whether their personal data is processed,

Learning that this data is used for its intended purpose,

Knowing to whom it is transferred at home and abroad,

To request correction in case of incomplete, incorrect processing or change,

Demanding the compensation of the damage suffered due to unlawful processing

It has its rights. It is required to make these requests in writing to the company management. Company officials have to respond to the applicant within 30 days at the latest.


Examples of Employee Disclosure and Consent are given in the appendices of this page.

Candidate Disclosure and Consent forms are included in the annexes of the Career Job Application Form.


Ethics, Compliance and Discipline Management provisions are applied to all personnel who do not work in accordance with this policy (EP.00).